Friday, February 27, 2009

Unfortunately, I still am not done with the items that I started to work on the other day when I was what I decide to do is to go to my storage box and grab a few of my older items that made it through the flood! Here are a few items some of them are retired TAC and some are not. I am an Angel but first and far most I am a stamper, so I do own stamps from other companies (will lighting strike me?). I hope you enjoy the cards! As always my hope is to inspire others. If you would like to check out other work of mine please cut and paste this link:

This link is to a wonderful stamping group that I have been a part of for years! While you are there check out the other stampers work!

This card was done with ribbon and flower seeds, sorry some of my seeds fell off! Some of these cards went through a being tossed around in Septemeber!

This is a set that TAC still has in the catalog!! It is called happy haunting!

This is one of my favorite Easter cards I have done over the years. It is an adult card that captures the true meaning of Easter.

On this card the background was orginally black and white...and then I thought some color would be nice!

I loved our buggie stamps, I hated to see them retire! Here is one of my buggie cards!

This last card I took two photos of so you can get an idea of what the card really looks like! I hope you enjoy it!

Here is a copy with a piece of white paper placed in the center of the card.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my past work and I like to think that the best is yet to come!! Looking forward to long furture of fun and stamping!


  1. So wonderful cards. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  2. YAY for the Windy City! I grew up there, and some days I miss it terribly-others not at all! I'm a friend of Glittered Paws, hope you don't mind my coming to follow you! There are not very many 'angel' blogs - most seem to be S.Up. Your cards are very cute! Feel free to come by and stalk me as well - lol!!! I'm not an angel yet, but Shirley's about to get me there!

  3. Heidi~

    I love that ribbon flower card! I will have to try that!