Friday, February 20, 2009

Open House

Sorry I have been away for a few days. I have been doing the final touches on my studio preparing for my open house. I will be having an open house this Saturday and next Saturday. Hopefully someone shows up this Saturday, they are talking about 8" of SNOW here on Saturday!! Well....I will enjoy the time I set aside in the studio whether I get a studio full of people or if it is just me!! I still have a few things I want to get done and then I will be posting some pictures of the studio. I think you will be surprised! It is not a fancy studio, it is a working studio! It has taken some time to get everything organized....and I probably still have some to do! All in all, I love my space and look forward to have many hours of fun and hope to share my studio with other!

I have put together some quick make and takes for the open house and will be posting them within the next few days! I designed my make and takes using the sketch ideas that are in Serendipity magalogue! I hope that my samples will inspire you to try the sketches ideas!


  1. Hey Heidi!

    Really? 8 inches of snow? I'm in MN and we are suppose to get a little, I hope it's just a little!

    I hope you have a great Open House! I just scheduled mine for the 14th of March. We shall see how it goes!

  2. it's 80 degrees here in North Texas today!