Sunday, February 15, 2009

Choosing a color scheme....

This blog posting is another one based on my paint department tip! Most paint companies now have websites and they offer you the wonderful opportunity to explore color. Open another window to Behr paint's website (cut and paste:, this way you can follow along with the post. After going to the website click on explore color with color smart, and then go to Behr's Virtual Color Center. The world of Behr color will open at your fingertips! Chose a color you want to work with. Sometime it may be my base card color I want to work with or perhaps a color from my pattern paper I want to work with. Once you chose the color, you will get a smaller selection, click once again on a color that you want to use in your paper craft project, click on the color closest to your paper, close your color and chose view & coordinate with ColorSmart, chose coordinate. The selection I like best from my next options would be Accents, give it a try. Numerous color schemes for that color are now given to you! This is a wonderful tool to have when you feel you just can't get that color combination right! I hope you enjoy my tips.... and remember to take a look at the paint department you will also find printed copy of color scheme ideas. I like to have them in the studio to use as a tool! Next week I will try to do some postings on working with a color wheel and creating a different schemes!

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