Thursday, September 29, 2011

Make each day your masterpiece......

Yesterday I had physical therapy and while at my therapy I was talking to my therapist. I was talking about a wedding package that I am putting together for my nephew's wedding. I showed her my sample of the save the date card and told her that she should check out my blog. I also had to tell her that my blog has not been kept up too well. I need to give her a thanks, thanks Char! During our conversation she kinda called me out on why it is out dated. I have been home dealing with an illness and there really is no reason that I can't take the time to do something I enjoy and share it with others! So, Char here is another card to share with everyone! I am going to therapy weekly, so I will ask Char to keep inspiring me to add something creative to my blog. While home during this illness working in my studio helps me to relax and enjoy doing something I love to do.

I made a while back. The phrase on this card is one of my favorites! It reminds me to be creative every make each day my masterpiece! I hope everyone enjoys it and hopefully I can inspire someone to be creative! This card is unique in that it is like an envelope and it has an insert that comes out that allows you to write a small note to someone special! The only reason that I have not sent it out is that I love it so much I wanted to make a few more so I can send them to those special people and I also want to make some for Lyzart's in Glenview were I sell my work.


  1. glad to see you blogging and love the card!! I've been thinking of you!!!

  2. Love the sentiment ! Great inspirations :)