Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Life has been crazy!!

Hi everyone!

Life has been crazy here. My son came home from college last month. We still are putting away his belongings. Once again I can brag...he got his grades and he got straight A's....he is a wonderful student....he works hard and I know he will reach his goals of being a dentist! Today is his first day volunteering in a dental office. I am looking forward to those free implants! If him coming home isn't enough...Beth has been getting ready to go to Germany...and guess who is running around making sure she has everything together! Ya, that would be me! She will be leaving June 10th...only days away, I am so excited for her! Beth has finals this week and the first part of next week, I don't know how she will keep her mind on her studies..but I know she will! Beth is also a wonderful student, she always makes me proud!! I have been bless with two wonderful kids!

So, with everything going on my blog got backseat! Sorry, hopefully life will get a little slower once Beth is off.

I have taught a few senior classes with my wonderful group in Park Ridge the last few weeks and I wanted to share some of the cards that we did. My gals in group are very inspiring! We have started a Christmas card each time we meet, this way they will have a few stashed away and ready for Christmas. The Christmas cards that we are working on are fast and easy...this way they can take the design home and make some more! Above are a few of the cards that we worked on! I hope you enjoy them!


  1. These are all great! LOVE the birdie with the bright colors!! Too cute :)

  2. Heidi..I love the cards..very simple but very stunning too! I too love the bird one too...very colorful!

  3. Great cards! I love your idea of creating a Christmas card at each meeting!

  4. Great cards!.. love the birdie card.


  5. Heidi-more great cards. I love how you put colors together.

  6. love the cards - They're both soooo great!