Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simple and quick....

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to drop in and share some simple but cute cards that I did for my recent open house. Both cards were designed using some of the great new stamps from the new Serendipity magalogue.

This wonderful set is our Little Cupcake stamp set, it is only $18.95 for the complete set!!

TAC's Hoppity Skippity set is another awesome set that is fun to work with! This is another great set for the great price of $18.95!


  1. By the way, besides being from Chicago and feeling like you are a kindred spirit, I'm about to become an Angel! And I love that your blog features angel things! Your work is so nice! Feel free to drop by my blog as well...

  2. These are just way too cute! And your cards as always are gorgeous! I so wish I were closer and could come to your classes. At the weekend crops I attended with you in the past I was just blown away by your work and how well you taught all those YUMMY techniques!!

  3. This cards is so beautiful and I like the details. Thanks for sharing